Harlem, New York, 1925 is a mecca of cultural and creative freedom, where masquerade drag balls are all the rage and the music, dancing, and loose prohibition laws unite people from all walks of life.

Dinah Hampton came to Harlem for better opportunities for her family but ends up working as a nightclub chorus girl to help make ends meet. Among the nightlife and danger, she finds love in the most unexpected way.

When a scandal rocks Celine Montré’s family and sends them fleeing from New Orleans to Harlem, the gorgeous Dinah Hampton helps her to discover that there’s more to life, and love, than she ever thought possible.

When a notorious gangster gets her sights set on seducing Celine, Dinah and Celine are forced to risk their hearts, and lives, for love.

Heartbreakingly Beautiful...This story made me happy and at the same time broke my heart! It was filled with passion and drama that made for an exciting story, packed with emotions that take the reader on quite the ride.

~Carol Hutchinson, Lesbireviewed

Masquerade is an unexpectedly wild ride, in turns thrilling and chilling. There’s nothing more exciting than a woman’s quest for freedom and self-discovery.

~Jude, Les Reveur